Susan Ferrier

“There’s a sensuality and depth that comes from a thoughtfully layered and curated environment. When we design, we are not just making something nice to look at. We are creating spaces that evoke emotion and open the door to endless exploration and discovery.”

Audry Suennemann

— Senior Designer —

“A truly extraordinary room is one that offers something unexpected, something you hadn’t noticed before, even after you think you are familiar with every corner. There’s an art to collecting and arrangement that transforms and elevates even the most stunning space.”

Brigitte Sosnovsky

— Senior Designer —

“Creating a beautiful interior is important, but it’s the small details — imagining how our clients will host a dinner party or even experience the space on a lazy Sunday afternoon — that elevates our work beyond beauty and truly brings it to life.”

Sophie Naneix

— Junior Designer —

“Design is a true reflection of one’s own unique personality, and as designers, we are privileged to shape environments that spark connection and reflect the unique passions and dreams of our clients.”

Lindsay Rohrer

— Junior Designer —

“I love to imagine the stories behind the objects that fill our spaces, to understand what gives them purpose and meaning. As a team, we are constantly inspired by cultures worldwide, learning and sourcing to create spaces that speak many languages.”

Michelle Tavera

— Administrator —

“There’s a natural element to our work, an appreciation of organic forms, that I’m especially drawn to — nature soothing our souls.”

Allie Brashear

— Executive Assistant —

“Being in our office is a bit like watching a painter working at a canvas. With each detail, texture and object we put into a project, something new, surprising and utterly distinctive is revealed. It’s invigorating and satisfying for all of us.”