Susan Ferrier

“There’s a sensuality and depth that comes from a thoughtfully layered and curated environment. When we design, we are not just making something nice to look at. We are creating spaces that evoke emotion and open the door to endless exploration and discovery.”

Toni Marie Balingit

— Project Manager —

"A home is an extension of our identity as it echoes an unspoken story about who we are and what we love — from the color palette to the art. It is a way to express our individuality and allows our guests a glimpse into our unique atmospheres."

Mary Alex Burch

— Designer —

“To have the honor of creating the spaces our clients call home is what I enjoy most about design. We are trusted to learn and understand their lives as closely as we do our own to design a house they can grow in and fill with memories for years to come.”

Tracie Moore

— Designer —

"We want the spaces we create to equally elevate life's many meaningful moments — whether a large dinner party or a quiet evening with family. There's nothing more luxurious than being comfortable and feeling truly at home in a room."

Ashton Watson

— Solutions Manager —

“Because my home has always been a sanctuary for me, I understand the need for a home to be a place of comfort and retreat. Creating a beautiful space that reflects the lives and loves of our clients is a privilege. We all need a beautiful space to call home.”

Rosely Bennett

— Accounting Administrator —

"It's a joy to being surrounded by beauty on a daily basis. Imagining how our clients will enjoy and really live in the spaces our team creates for them is simply a pleasure."

Audry Suennemann

— Consultant —

“A truly extraordinary room is one that offers something unexpected, something you hadn’t noticed before, even after you think you are familiar with every corner. There’s an art to collecting and arrangement that transforms and elevates even the most stunning space.”